CFA Technology


CFA concrete piles are created by using a screw drill, which is pressed to a depth corresponding to the entire length of the pillar.

The essence of the method is the special construction of the drill and the technology of the drillingprocess. Concreting of the pillar takes place under a pressure of 200 - 600 kPa. The parameters of CFA piles, such as their length, concrete consumption and implementation time, are incomparably short in comparison with conventional pilot technology. They are recommended in terms of high interaction of the so-called mantle friction.

CFA piles can be used in various types of geological subsoil.


Well-known technology - the widespread use of this method has contributed to the expansion of experience and knowledge among both contractors and designers.

Increased load-bearing capacity - with regard to the method of inserting the CFA drill, it is possible to notice an increased load-bearing capacity on the casing compared to the other technologies of drilled pillars.

Environmentally friendly - the work takes place without any vibrations and noise, so it can be used in close proximity to existing residential and civil engineering structures. This will also make this method environmentally friendly.