Pile foundation


According to the euro code, a pile is considered to be a conical shape of a reinforced concrete structure.

Pile creation

Drilled piles can be implemented as:

  • casing piles (drilling inside steel casings)

If the geological and hydrogeological conditions allow, it is possible to implement the piles and their dry concreting in an open well.

The choice of pile implementation method depends on many factors, including foundation ratios, depth and available suitable machinery:

  • a drill on a telescopic Kelly rod for drilling with a twist drill in casings or for building piles in wells lined with drilling slurry
  • reverse drilling using air and casings for continuous drilling
  • drilling of piles with a continuous twist drill

The diameters of drilled piles are usually from 300 mm up to 1.8 m, or even more with the help of special drills. On terrestrial constructions, piles are realized up to a depth of 100 m. Enlarged pile foundations are created using mechanical or hydraulic tools under the prisms to create basic diameters.