Stabilization of slopes and construction pits


Sheet piling – Larsens

It is formed by planting sheet piles in a row next to each other connected with a so-called lock, with a help of vibrations.

Negative wall

A number of boreholes are drilled in the place of the required future sheet pile wall, into which the negatives - steel rolled I-shaped profiles - are sunk, so that horizontal wooden structures can then be gradually inserted between them during the excavation of the soil.

Anchoring and nailing

Soil nailing is a method of stabilization that can be used on either natural or modified slopes by inserting reinforcement into the body of the slope. The nails solve the problem of overall slope stability and are connected to a face system that ensures surface stability.

Shotcrete – Torkret

Nailed shotcrete is an effective technology designed to stabilize slopes and to arm construction pits in cases where conditions allow small movements of the environment and the foundation joint is above the groundwater level.

Shotcrete (Torkret) is applied by spraying a dry or wet concrete mix onto a nailed slope on which a kari net is installed.

The advantage of this technology is a favorable price / performance ratio. It is a construction consisting of earth nails and shotcrete reinforced with kari net.

Underpining by micropiles

Capturing foundations is a remedial intervention in existing structures. Belongs to the field of geotechnics and can be performed in a combination with various technologies.